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Welcome to the website of the Northumbrian Pipers' Society. The NPS was established in 1928 to promote the indigenous bagpipes of the North-East of England - the Northumbrian Smallpipes and the Half-long or Border pipes. Since then these instruments have achieved great popularity, both in their home region and around the world. Today's Society continues to encourage the playing, making, study and development of the Northumbrian pipes and their music. On this site you can find information on the Pipes, the Music and the Society. We have listings of not only Society events, but many other piping events on around the world. See our What's On section for Local Groups, Sessions, Concerts and Workshops.


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It's the NPS AGM time soon Friday 1st August, make your vote count via email or proxy see here 
Note: This will NOT be at the chantry this year but Newbiggin Sailing club.
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On Monday 2nd June at 7.30 pm at the Chantry, the session

will be led by Kit Pumphrey, and will include some Wallington favourites



Upcoming events

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Cleveland Branch Practice

Date: 23 July 2014
Summary: Cleveland Branch Playing Group Practices








The Cleveland Branch Playing Group meet every 4th Wednesday of the month for practice upstairs at Ceddesfeld Hall, Rectory Row, Sedgefield. TS21 2AE, County Durham at 7pm till about 9pm.

The playing group are a very active group with the aim of taking the Northumbrian Smallpipes and Northumbrian music out to the public. We usually have very busy year and have performed at many events such as festivals, National Garden scheme events, concerts, weddings, schools and fetes.

 Pipers are very welcome to join us and play, though tunes and discussions are restricted to the playing group repertoire.

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NPS Annual General Meeting

Date: 1 August 2014
Summary: NPS Committee Elections and Playing session

NPS AGM 2014 and Elections followed by 

Followed by a playing session upstairs at the Newbiggin Sailing Club, Northumberland. 


Location  Newbiggin Sailing Club, 

Bridge Street
Newbiggin by the Sea
NE64 6EG


This forms part of the




with the Pipers day (02/08/14) and the Traditional Wallington Hall performance in the courtyard on Sunday 03/08/14. Followed by a Monday Eveing Session also back at the Sailing Club.

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NPS Pipers Day

Date: 2 August 2014
Summary: NPS Pipers Day

The NPS Annual Pipers day of workshops, playing, and fettling returns for 2014.



 This will be held in Newbiggin Sailing Club see here for location

Further information on Newbiggin can be found at


Details and costs £25 (excluding meals) details are also in the NPS Summer 2014 Newsletter.


Want to go ? Download and fill in the form from here and send it to our secretary Pam Horne  



As last year this is being organised by Julia again -Our thank's to her for taking this, and other work on.   



Tutors will be 

  • Alice Burn
  • Adrian Schofield
  • Phillip Gruar

This will work as split sessions for beginners, Intermediate, and advanced levels.

with some playing sessions and an outdoor performance. There plenty of lunch time options in Newbiggin, and will also be the option to go for an evening meal (not included in costs). 




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NPS at Wallington Hall

Date: 3 August 2014
Summary: NPS at Wallington Hall


There has been a tradition of Northumbrian pipe playing at Wallington since the days of Jack Armstrong and Patricia Jennings. Last year a record number of pipers turned up at the NPS Wallington Hall event. We hope to better that this year, so please come along and enjoy.




Pipers and National Trust members get free entry on the day.


Wallington 2014 Tune List proposed - For those who want or need to practice


Also shown on Page 9 of the Summer 2014 newsletter


Chevy Chase x3 ->

Rothbury Hills -> 

Jock O'Hazeldean 

Salmon Tails->

Jimmy Allen->

Lamshaw's Fancy

Memories of Wallington->

Redesdale Hornpipe-> 

Marquis of Lorne

Brafferton village-> 

Joe Hutton's March->

Bobby Shafto

Crooket Bawbee->

Keel Row->

Nancy Till

Whittingham Green Lane-> 

Winster Gallop-> 

Border Fray 

The Cott-> 

Lamb Skinnet->

Hexham Races 

Mingulay Boat Song->

Ye Banks and Braes-> 


Gentle Maiden ->

Billy boy->

Old Drove Road

Keep Your Feet still Geordie Hinny-> 

Roxborough Castle->

Hesleyside Reel

Waters of Tyne-> Ma bonny Lad->  Fair Flower of Northumberland
Breamish-> Lads of the North Tyne->  Harvest Home
Lady's Well-> Glencoe March-> Adam Buckingham
Memories-> Elsey Waltz (straight through) Andrews March

Heroes of Glencoe->

(onceslow-twice march-no repeats)

Sir John Fenwick's the Flower amongst them -> Winshield's Hornpipe-> Whinham's Reel
My Home-> Bluebells of Scotland-> Flett from Flotta
Mrs Jamieson's Favourite-> Orange and Blue (ABAB)  
Rowan Tree Hill-> Canny Newcastle (Slow Jig) Miss Forbes' Welcome to Banff
The South Wind->  The Saddle pony-> Biddy the Bowl Wife
Derwent Waters Fairwell-> The Herd on the Hill-> Because he was a Bonny Lad
Swindow-> Noble Squire Dacre-> Blowzabella


Most of these tune are in NPS tunebooks - Tip if you want to find which book, type in the tune on the shop search it will list the books the tune is in.   







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NPS Chantry Meeting Monday

Date: 4 August 2014
Summary: NPS Chantry Meeting Mondays

Northumbrian Pipers Society playaround Monday Evening Meetings Start 7.30pm for this one only 

the Sailing Club at Newbiggin will be used.



Starting on February 2014  1st monday of the month unless advised. 

Location  temporarily located at Newbiggin Sailing Club

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New Beamish Session 

Meeting at 8pm on the last Wednesday of the month at Home Farm, Beamish Museum:

F & G pitch pipes and other instruments welcome. 

Dave Shaw  0120 7231474

 'The session was in the delightful setting of the farmhouse kitchen in Beamish on the museum site. There was a lovely welcome when I walked in.The fire was burning and the tea and biscuits were a treat. There is the enjoyment of another age experienced in sitting in that kitchen surrounded by the paraphernalia of a bygone age, playing pipes (and other instruments) and the expected amount of musician banter – I am always amazed that when players get together they sometimes even play tunes.  I got my pipes whisked off to be mended, played and heard some new tunes. What more would I want of a session? It will be lovely to see more players there next time, it is a big kitchen and there is certainly room to be filled.'  (Ednie Wilson)


Last of the Stakeford sessions!

Traditional Music Session
at Stakeford & Bomarsund Social Welfare Centre NE62 5UD from 1 pm to 5 pm. 
The 12th June session will be the last of these sessions until further notice.
Everyone welcome - musicians, any instrument, listeners! 
 Bring your lunch if you wish - coffee etc available.
Contact:  Lynn 01670 815326


There are many other piping events on around the world. See our What's On section for Events, Concerts And Workshops.

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