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NPS at Wallington Hall 2018

Date: 5 2018 14:00


There has been a tradition of Northumbrian pipe playing at Wallington since the days of Jack Armstrong and Patricia Jennings. After a break last year we are back at NPS Wallington Hall event. We hope to achieve record numbers this year, so please come along and enjoy.




Pipers and National Trust members get free entry on the day.


Wallington 2018 Tune List proposed - For those who want or need to practice


Also shown in the Summer 2016 newsletter


Chevy Chase x3 ->

Rothbury Hills -> 

Jock O'Hazeldean 

Salmon Tails->

Jimmy Allen->

Lamshaw's Fancy

Memories of Wallington->

Redesdale Hornpipe-> 

Marquis of Lorne

Brafferton village-> 

Joe Hutton's March->

Bobby Shafto

Crooket Bawbee->

Keel Row->

Nancy Till

Whittingham Green Lane-> 

Winster Gallop-> 

Border Fray 

The Cott-> 

Lamb Skinnet->

Hexham Races 

Mingulay Boat Song->

Ye Banks and Braes-> 


Gentle Maiden ->

Billy boy->

Old Drove Road

Keep Your Feet still Geordie Hinny-> 

Roxborough Castle->

Hesleyside Reel

Waters of Tyne-> Ma bonny Lad->  Fair Flower of Northumberland
Breamish-> Lads of the North Tyne->  Harvest Home
Lady's Well-> Glencoe March-> Adam Buckingham
Memories-> Elsey Waltz (straight through) Andrews March


Sir John Fenwick's the Flower amongst them -> Winshield's Hornpipe-> Whinham's Reel
My Home-> Bluebells of Scotland-> Flett from Flotta
Mrs Jamieson's Favourite-> Orange and Blue (ABAB)  
Rowan Tree Hill-> Canny Newcastle (Slow Jig) Miss Forbes' Welcome to Banff
The South Wind->  The Saddle pony-> Biddy the Bowl Wife
Derwent Waters Fairwell-> The Herd on the Hill-> Because he was a Bonny Lad


Most of these tune are in NPS tunebooks - Tip if you want to find which book, type in the tune on the shop search it will list the books the tune is in.


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