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Northumbria Pipe Week 2018

Date: 14 November 2018 15:30




Northumbria’ Pipe Week 14th – 19th October 2018


see for costs and full details 


The course is designed to be a fairly intensive learning experience on the Northumbrian pipes, spread
over 5 days, with opportunity to mix with local pipers, both non-residential participants, and others at
sessions and concert events. It takes place between the annual NPS concert, and the NPS competitions.
It is based in a, licensed, language school near the centre of Whitley Bay on a quiet road leading to the
sea. This is a 2 minutes walk from the nearest Metro station (which connects most of Tyneside, and gives
access to National trains and planes). There is some limited car parking at, or very near, the hotel.
Teaching will be in “pipers pitch”(‘F’ ish). We aim to have several group sessions on most days, with a
number of tutors available. There will also be a shorter, self programming themed, session every day in
which participants will study two or three tunes, that they are interested in, in more depth, working
towards a performance on the Thursday evening.
Three rooms will be available for tuition most of the time, one large (dining room) and three smaller
spaces; the dining room is big enough to hold an event for all participants.
In addition there are likely to be sessions on things like maintenance and reed making, history and
tradition, repertoire, duet and playing with other instruments, some graded, some suitable for all comers.
There will also be outings and evening events, both on the premises and elsewhere.


If interested contact Susan Craven 

Tel 01670 761872

E mail




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