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Past Articles of News from the Society news page ( more than 12 months ago)


President's Day - 8th September 2012
A good attendance and a good time was had by all who played at the meeting hosted at Warkworth Memorial Hall by our President Joyce Quin. Tunes a-plenty, fuelled by cakes, buscuits and tea. A big thank you to Joyce and her helpers who made the afternoon such a success.



April 2012

After over 40 years making Northumbrian pipes, David Burleigh has announced that he is planning to cease production of new sets, although he will still be repairing and maintaining sets he has made and other sets by arrangement. For further information follow this link



January 2012 - AGM
There was an excellent turnout for this year's AGM meeting at the Chantry Bagpipe Museum on Saturday 28th January, ably presided over by our President Joyce Quin. Tom Swinney and Margaret Moyes were elected Vice-Presidents and Mike Nelson given Honorary Membership, in recognition of their many years of dedication and hard work for the Society and services to Northumbrian piping. Joyce Quin and Andrew Davison were both re-elected for another term in the President's and Chairman's posts and Andrew May is our new Vice-Chairman. Barry Say was also re-elected as Journal Editor. The four Committee Members' posts up for election were filled by Margaret Cato and Maureen Davison and we also welcome new members Nick Leeming and Anthony Robb along with new Auditor Mike Evans. Many thanks are also due to retiring Committee Members Alan Bailey and Susan Craven, both have worked tirelessly over their past and previous terms in office. AGM business (see forthcoming NPS Spring Newsletter for full report) was quickly concluded, followed by refreshments and a playaround.

President Joyce Quin presents Margaret Moyes (Cleveland Branch Chairman) with her gold badge and certificate.

October 2012 - NPS Concert

Our concerts just keep on getting better. This year's event on October 8th, at Gateshead's historic St. Mary's Heritage Centre, with Andrew Davison as MC, boasted a superb line-up. Northumbrian pipes were played by up-and-coming young piper Tristan Selden and virtuoso Pauline Cato; Border pipes showcased by the widely-respected Paul Martin and award-winning Jarleth Henderson wowed everyone with his uilleann piping. We weren't just restricted to bagpipes however, the amazing Bottle Bank Band fiddlers had the audience foot-tapping along to the James Hill tunes that the 19th century fiddler/composer himself, would have played in the venue's vicinity. A truly unforgettable evening, with the promise of more to come - don't miss next year's concert!




August 2011 - NPS President's Day

Around 30 pipers joined our President the Rt Hon Baroness Joyce Quin of Gateshead for an afternoon of socialising and piping at Warkworth Memorial Hall on 20th August. The playing was ably led by our Chairman Andrew Davison and followed by refreshments. A good time was had by all who attended. A big thank you to Joyce for arranging this for us, it was much appreciated.



July 2011 - NPS Pipers' Day

Another highly successful annual piping day took place at Tritlington School on 30th July. This year there were 19 participants, 4 tutors and 6 helpers. There was a meet & greet playaround, followed by morning and afternoon workshops and an evening concert, where groups and individuals showed off their party pieces and tutors their virtuosity. We even had a special guest from Down Under, when Australian fiddler Emma Nixon performed for us. The day was also superbly catered for and no one left hungry!


Some of the participants with tutors Andrew and Margaret Watchorn


June 2011 - By Royal Appointment

A unique piping event occured in Alnwick on the 22nd June. Richard Butler (Duke of Northumberland's Piper), Andrew Davison (NPS Chairman) and Richard Johnstone (APS Chairman), played for HM the Queen, who was there to open the town's new youth hostel and meet carers and volunteers at a special Alnwick Garden Party, organised by the Duchess of Northumberland.


Pictured L-R: Andrew Davison, Richard Johnstone and Richard Butler


February 2011 - Golden Years

Robbie Greensitt and Colin Ross (pictured) both recently achieved the remarkable milestone of 50 years continuous membership of the NPS.


Jan 15 2011 NPS AGM

At this year's AGM, Dorothy Fisher took well earned retirement after 13 years as Treasurer of the Society. She is pictured here with Andrew Davison, Chairman, Joyce Quin, President, and (at right) Julia Say, Secretary.


Jan 24 2010, A Remarkable Anniversary

Patricia Jennings playing at WallingtonOn 24th January, 2010, Mrs Patricia Jennings, retired president of the NPS, reached the 80th anniversary of her election as a playing member of the society. The committee thought it appropriate to mark this with a gift of flowers and a card, since it is probably a unique achievement.

Patricia was delighted with the thought, and cheerfully played, together with Kit Pumphrey and Julia & Barry Say to mark the occasion, breaking into harmonies for some familiar tunes.

All pipers should perhaps look to her as an example of how to grow old enthusiastically!"

Julia Say
28 Jan 2010
Photo: Kit Pumphrey


Jan 16 2010, NPS AGM

42 members of the society attended the AGM, which was chaired by the president.

The printed minutes were accepted as written. Several matters arising were dealt with briefly: one at least will receive further attention in the next newsletter.

The chairman's report, treasurer's report, and Cleveland report were accepted as printed, and there were no queries.

The working party report resulted in the adoption of option 3 (investigating registration as a Charity) by a large majority, and the revised rules were passed with 37 for, and nil against. Members present understood that there was much further work to be done before registration, and members will be kept informed and consulted.

The subs increase recommended by the committee was accepted with one modification: there is to be a flat rate of £5 for Junior members (under 18), wherever based. This was seen as desirable to encourage more young members.

The elections.

  • Chair: Andrew Davison (2 year term)

  • Vice-chair: Malcolm Craven (2 year term)

  • Magazine editor: Barry Say (2 year term)

    (NB. this is the ANNUAL publication, NOT the quarterly newsletter, for which Susan Craven is still editor)

  • Auditor: Geoff Carter (who is re-elected annually)

As there were no other nominations for any of the above posts, the elections were carried by a show of hands which ranged from a large majority to almost unanimous.

4 committee members were due to stand down as part of the normal rotation. 1 nomination was received prior to the meeting: 3 others came from the floor.

Alan Bailey was re-elected to the committee.

Margaret Cato, Dave Goodwin, and Barry Say were elected to the committee.

All serve for two years in the normal course of events.

Anne Gale's election as vice-president was ratified by the meeting, for services as a past society treasurer, and now treasurer of the Cleveland Branch.

Several items were mentioned under future programme: these will be dealt with by the committee. More details will be available in the next newsletter, once the draft minutes have been produced.