Cleveland Branch Gallery 2014

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Cleveland Branch Gallery 2014
This now concludes the Cleveland Branch Gallery for 2014. We have had a very successful year. The playing group has been very busy taking the pipes out to the public at every opportunity and, as our gallery below shows, has played at many varied events throughout the year. Including a number of great new venues. The monthly meetings have been well attended over the year. We look forward to another great year of piping in 2015.



Farmer's Market - Sedgfield, County Durham - Sun 05 October 2014 (10am-12pm)
Players attending: Dave Cook and Brian Fisher (Picture by Roger Clubley using Brian's mobile phone)
We were invited to play on Sedgefield Green to play at the farmers market. We accepted the opportunity to promote the pipes on home turf. This was a very cold Sunday morning and Dave and Brian took a little while to get the pipes ready for playing and started off with very cold hands and pipes. We managed to keep the pipes nicely in tune and after about half an hours playing, the Sun came out from behind the clouds and it warmed up a good couple of degrees. Which, along with a some cups of hot coffee, made playing very much easier. We played a good couple of hours and played many sets from our usual repetoire. We recieved quite a lot of interest from both the stall holders and visitors alike. Brian and Dave chatted to quite a few people about the pipes and music and many were quite surprised to hear that the Cleveland Branch has been based in Sedgefield for over 30 years. So a succesful morning in spreading the news about northumbrian pipes and music. We had quite a chat with local Dorothy, Bill Charlton's daughter and niece of Forster Charlton. Listening with interest about her days as a child being at the gatherings and events with her dad, also listening to the likes of Billy Pigg and others at home. A really good but very cold morning.
Talking Newspapers Coffee Morning - Bondgate Church Hall, Darlington - Sat 20 September 2014
Players Attending: Jo Jones, Guitar and Brian Fisher, Pipes. (Pictures by Jo using Brian's phone. Jo, as always hiding behind the camera).
Every year, the organisers of the Darlington Talking Newspaper service put on a coffee morning and invite the Users (listeners) of this excellent service to get to meet the committee and the team who produce the Talking Newpapers on CD and other media. This is a nice social event, where the listeners to get to know the team and get updated on the latest ideas. It also gives them the opportunity to contribute with their own suggestions and ideas.We were invited once again (our 3rd year) to sit and play during the coffee morning. Margaret Moyes was unable to join this year as she was on holiday but Jo and Brian were very happy to oblige and played tunes from our repetoire at regular intervals from 10am till 1pm. We were kept refreshed with copius amounts tea and an excellet supply of sandwiches and cakes. Jo and Brian gave full marks to the scones. We would have played a lot more but we were also kept very busy explaining all about the pipes and Northumbrian music to the many people who were interested and came to talk to us.
The Talking Newspapers is a wonderful free service provided for the local community by lots of very dedicted volunteers over many years. We had a great morning and very happy to support the event once again. 



Northumbrian Smallpipes Workshop - Sedgefield Folk Festival - Sat 6 September 2014


 Margaret Moyes and Peter French arrived on a rainy day to provide the one hour festival pipes workshop. This was very worthwhile. After playing half way through the Jimmy Allen set our first lady visitor arrived and Margaret coaxed her into trying the pipes. Second arrival was Chris Luther an accordionist who quickly strapped up and managed to knock out half of three blind mice within 15 minutes. He even looks the part (see pic). Peter played at the door to tempt people in as we were at the end of a long corridor. About 15 people looked in and around eight were persuaded to get strapped up. Among them John Braithwaite of Darlington Mummers, Ronnie Dodds, Old Joe, Lavinia Knop from Germany, and BJarke Walling from Denmark). All ably assisted by Margaret. Little Nial dragged his mum in being enthralled by the noise and came closer to look at the strange instrument. Peter played Nelly the Elephant and Three Blind Mice for him, sister Iona and Mum. CD’s were sold, info sheets were given and piping booklets flipped through.We spent 1hr 30 mins in all and thoroughly enjoyed it.



Report by Margaret Moyes and Peter French




NGS Open Garden Event - Ravensford Farm, Hamsterly, Co Durham - Sun 31 Aug 2014




Players attending (L-R) Peter French, Jo Jones, Brian Fisher, Tim Jones, Dave Cook, Margaret Moyes and Bill Kay.




We have played many times at various events in this wonderful garden over many years now. A very popular garden, re-opened to the National Garden Scheme after a 2 year closure. We were treated to a wonderfully warm day and had a good turn out of pipers. We were equally rewarded with plenty of visitors. A very busy day with over 300 visitors and very large queues for the tea cakes. The helpers were kept extremely busy keeping up with supplies. We were also kept very busy answering questions about the pipes and our full repetoire got a good airing throughout the day. The pipes (and guitar) were all nicely tuned and kept stable, helped by the great weather conditions and, of course, the delicious tea and cakes. We recieved a lot of nice comments and at times had a very large audience just sitting and listening to us play. Our hosts, John and Caroline Peacock, reported a record number of visitors. The branch recieved a very nice letter from them, thanking us for our playing and to say that the National Garden Scheme were able to add a considerable sum to their charity fund from the event. A brilliant and very successful day



NGS Open Garden Event - The Forge, Ravensworth, Richmond. DL11 7EU - Sun 13 Jul 2014




Players Attending (L-R) Jo Jones & Brian Fisher. Photo by Jo's husband Henry using Jo's camera.




Second time for us this year at this event. We were here on 8th June. So see previous entry for details and pictures of the garden. Once again we were blessed with great weather. I (Brian) started the music off with solo performances for about an hour when I was joined by Jo later in the afternoon It was delight just to sit and play in this wonderful garden. Visitor numbers was fairly low but we had lot of interest and good comments from them. Some sat for quite while to listen to us while they enjoyed their tea and cakes. Jo and I also benefitted from the fine tea and cakes provided by our hosts. It was most enjoyable afternoon in great suroundings ......... what could be better?



NGS Open Garden Event - Briarhurst, Bishop Auckland - Sunday 6th July 2014.




Players attending - (L-R) Margaret Moyes, Peter French. Visitor then Dave Cook. Jo Jones (our guitarist & photographer) was hiding behind the camera.




A new garden opening for the first time. Not large garden but full of interest with herbaceous borders and mature fruit trees. It attracted about 100 visitors. lot of interest was shown by the public as the picture above shows Margaret, Peter and Dave explaining the finer points of pipe playing to one of the visitors (2nd from right). lots of the visitors sat and listened for over an hour. When we arrived, a young man had been playing his guitar since 11 o'clock and he drifted off home as we set up. Home was just next door and after some time he returned attracted, apparently, by our music

coming over the wall. Jo encouraged him to use her guitar and accompany the players. The photo (above right & left) shows him doing just that with Peter who also tried to encourage him to take up the pipes. We may even have encouraged to make visit to us at Sedgefield. The weather remained fine but a cool breeze made the pipers fingers cold and did not always help with the tuning of the pipes. However, listeners were all very complimentary and we had great day. We were well looked after by our hosts and, as always, the tea and cakes that were provided were excellent.



NGS Open Garden Event - Browside, Boldron, Barnard Castle. DL12 9RQ - Sun 29 Jun 2014


Players attending: Margaret Moyes, Jo Jones Ann Catchpole, Dave Cook and Brian Fisher. At our our favourite venue once again. magnificent gardens and good weather.What could be better. The pictures say it all !! Photos by Jo Jones and Brian Fisher.





































NGS Open Garden Event - The Forge, Ravensworth, Richmond. DL11 7EU - Sun 08 Jun 2014




Players Attending (L-R) Margaret Moyes, Ann Catchpole, Brian Fisher, Dave Cook and Jo Jones (behind the camera).




Second time for us at this event. The Blacksmith's Secret Garden is hidden from view behind The Forge House, Cottage and the working Blacksmith's Forge.

It has small wildlife ponds with two natural stone features. There is a variety of trees, shrubs and mixed borders leading to a hay meadow. This is delightful garden to just sit and play. We were blessed by great weather and we played nearly all of our repetoire for a good three hours. We talked to lot of the visitors about the pipes and music and recieved great comments from them. We were well looked after by our hosts and were kept supplied with plenty of tea and good cakes (always good for the piping).



NGS Open Garden Event - Barnard Avenue, Stockton-on-Tees - Sun 01 June 2014




Players attending (L-R) Bill Kay, Peter French, Margaret Moyes, Brian Fisher, Jo Jones & Tim Jones and Dave Cook.





The first garden event of the year for us and new venue. Three, small urban gardens in Barnard Avenue joining together to form this one event. No 10, mature secluded garden with several seating areas. Recently landscaped, it is divided into 'rooms' and backed by mature trees. There are two small ponds, water feature, Judas tree which is magnificent when in flower in the spring. No 22, quiet and relaxing suburban garden. It is divided into three areas: secluded sunny seating area, larger lawned arewith mixed borders and shady section under mature ash tree. Thirdly, No 27 with its wistericovered pergola, wild flower area, willow tunnel and arbour, aerial hedge, kitchen garden and herbaceous borders. The Cleveland Branch Pipers sat and played in the garden of No 10. The event was extremely well attended and we had lots of interest from the public. It was an extremely warm day we were encourage by lots of good comments from the public and of course by the plentiful supply of teand cakes. We were well looked after by our hosts and had really enjoyable day.



Preston Park Folk Festival - Mon 26 May 2014


Photos by Jo Jones:




















































Concert in St Edmunds Church - Sedgefield Medieval Fayre - Sat 17 May 2014




Players Attending were Peter French, Dave Cook, Margaret Moyes, Tim Jones, Brian Fisher and Jo Jones (hiding behind the camera).





This was our first Gig of the year, long standing and favourite event for us and one in which the Cleveland Branch have supported for many years. We did have rest last year as St Edmunds Church was not available for the usual concert. We were very happy to be back this year.



The concert was started by the Lyrica Singers and then we performed for our usual half hour slot and played some of our favourite tunes. Brian dusted out all his old jokes for the announcements and everyone played brilliantly to an appreciative audience. All the pipes (and Jo's Guitar) were well in tune and sounded really nice in the acoustics of St Edmunds. Brian and Tim performed their duet 'Waikato Valley'. We always enjoy this event and the good weather this year brought out lots of people to the fayre