NPS Annual Piping Competitions 2017

NPS Annual Piping Competitions 2017

Northumbrian Pipers' Society Annual Competitions 2017



Saturday, 21 October 2017, starting at 11 am.


at the Chantry Bagpipe Museum, Bridge Street, Morpeth.


Entry forms will be available as soon as possible after 9.30 a.m, and the competitions
will start with the announcement of Overseas and Composition results.


This will take place at 11 am, or as soon as possible thereafter.



Annual Competitions – Programme 2017


Entry forms will be available from 9.30 am





Class 1a, b, &c     Results - Overseas Smallpipes 

Class 2a & b Results - Overseas Border / Half Longs

Class 16       Results - Overseas Duet

Class 3         Results - Composition of Original Tune

Class 4         Results - Composition of Variations

Class 5         Funky Tune composition

Class 6         Smallpipes Novice

Class 7         Smallpipes Junior

Class 8         Smallpipes Beginners

Class 9         Blackthorn Stick Trophy


In the event of these classes over-running, one, or more, may be moved to the afternoon.

Competition will stop as close to 12.30 as possible.


12.30 - 1.30   LUNCH INTERVAL





Class 10       Smallpipes Intermediate

Class 11       Smallpipes Advanced

Class 12       Smallpipes Open

Class 13       Smallpipes Duet

Class 14       Mixed Duet / Ensemble

Class 15       Border or Robertson Half-Long pipes

a)    Beginner / intermediate

b)    Open

Class 16       Pipemaking Results





Competitors Guidelines can found here 

Competition Rules for 2017 can be found here

NEW "Funky Tunes" composition rules are Here


Judges' rules can also be found here



Overseas entries, or those not attending on the day:  


To submit an entry from overseas please email Ann Sessoms at by 30 Sept.

Please send in a concise format eg MP3 or Soundcloud.

Contact if you have technical issues sending this. 


Composition & Variations Entries also to Ann Sessoms by 30th September please.