WGB Whitby 2013 report

Whitby folk Festival 2013


Report by Anthony Robb, photos Ged Lawson


Nikki Williamson, Heather Robb, Anthony Robb, Alice Burn, Ged Lawson, Paul Knox


Windy Gyle Band has just returned from its sixth successive Whitby Folk Week and can report that the pipes were well-aired and very well received. The band now uses up to three sets of G pipes with the fiddles, and three sets for pipes trios (occasionally up to six sets for massed pipes) in ‘Windy Gyle pitch’ (ten cents flat of F#). This year we had the honour of being joined by Jimmy Little, giving us that unmistakable blend of mouthie, fiddles & pipes accompanied by Ged’s pipes-friendly guitar style, all greatly appreciated by fans old and new.


Alice Burn stunned audiences at the Spa Theatre, the Rugby Club and The Northumbrian Ceilidh with solos that, in the words of Johnny Handle, "out-Cloughed Cloug"'!


The Northumbrian Ceilidh is probably the most prestigious event of the week for us. It is one of only two events (out of over 600!) that restricts entry to season ticket holders but is always packed solid and has disappointed punters turned away on the night. In addition to performers’ passes hands are stamped with bright red ink as an extra precaution to ensure limited entry.


Windy Gylers weren’t the only Northumbrian pipers in evidence this year. Tristan Selden, who also performed well at the Northumbrian Night, ran a Northumbrian pipes workshop highlighting some of his own material. It was also good to see him, along with Peter Ashby, playing G pipes at our Fisherman’s Rowing Club session.