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Bill Hedworth 4 Drone, 7 Key Set in F+

PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:55 pm
by Don Scott
I purchased these Northumbrian Pipes in 2014 to bring to reality a dream I had kept for many play this wonderful instrument. The dream did not last long as I realised the fact that anyone wanting to achieve such a dream needs to be dedicated to learning to maintain them as well as play them. I will be 80 next year and whilst I still indulge in a number of pursuits, like building and flying R/C model aircraft and building sailing boats (I have one on the stocks at this time) I have to admit that my skills are not up to mastering the Northumbrian Pipes. So there is my honest reason for placing them up for sale again.

When I purchased them, I had never heard of Bill Hedworth but I soon discovered that he was quite a remarkable man after reading the story 'Bill Hedworth : The well-tempered Master Craftsman' by Dave McQuade and Anthony Robb. I made contact with Colin Ross who verified that the pipes were indeed a Bill Hedworth set and he sent me a copy of his book on reedmaking. I then contacted Dave McQuade who invited me to his home to see what he could do in a day to bring them into good working order. New reeds were made and fitted and Dave charged me nothing for the service. I brought them home and disappointment soon crept in when I realised I was not up to the skills required. The pipes have lain in their box for the past three years although I have ensured that they did not dry out. So, now we get down to the description which I have to say is not backed up by any great knowledge on my part...

I have given the basic description in the heading and I would say that they are in good mechanical condition but require 'fettling' i.e. probably a new set of reeds all round and tuning by someone who knows what they are doing. They have all the marks of being a Bill Hedworth set and look very attractive in what I believe to be African Blackwood (could be Lignum Vitae) with Nickle Silver fittings. The bag has a woollen woven cover with hounds tooth pattern and the set includes a box which may or may not be original i.e. produced by Bill. He made 300+ sets and kept a record of every sale by number but I don't know if he actually gave his pipes numbers. I have not found any numbers or other markings on the pipes or the box.

I have some correspondence concerning work done on the set by Ray Sloane (before my ownership) and some other useful documents which include the Colin Ross 'reedmaking' book, a downloaded copy of the Bill Hedworth story and a 1974 edition of 'Tutor for the Northumbrian Small-Pipes' originally published by The Northumbrian Small Pipes Society in 1896.

Finally, I would welcome any prospective buyer to come to my home with no obligation and inspect the pipes so that they can be quite sure of what they are buying. I could also supply a photograph for anyone interested who live too far away... I live in South Yorkshire.

The price I am asking is £1,000 ono.

Re: Bill Hedworth 4 Drone, 7 Key Set in F+

PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:09 pm
by Don Scott
OK, perhaps my price is a little too high... I have no way of knowing but, I would invite anyone to say something or make any kind of offer. You will not incur my wrath by bidding low !
So, let's come down a bit and say £950. I am sure that we will arrive at a figure that satisfies both parties.
Only if you are interested and it helps, my email address is please don't waste my time. A Merry Christmas to all those watching.

Re: Bill Hedworth 4 Drone, 7 Key Set in F+

PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:46 am
by Don Scott
I have only had one enquiry, so...
I will reduce my asking price to £900
or, make me an offer !

Re: Bill Hedworth 4 Drone, 7 Key Set in F+

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:19 pm
by Don Scott
These pipes have now been SOLD