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Boxing Day on the Wannies

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:26 pm
by Barry Say
The following announcement will appear in the next NPS Newsletter which I understand will be posted next week.

Monday 26^th December: All being well, the customary Bacon in a Bun will be provided on Great Wanney Crag at around 11 am.

The Gun public house at Ridsdale will be open from noon, and will welcome pipers. Food will be served. Further details: Barry Say


All welcome, especially Half as long Border pipers. The mood is "Liberty Hall", no timetable, no playlist, bring your own ketchup if you need it on the fell. Mostly F(-ish) pitch but others could be given a space. In the good old days at the Barrasford Arms, we had the pipers ( in F ) in the posh room and the musicians ( in concert pitch) in the bar, but we cant quite manage that at the Gun, but no doubt we can make shift and find room for all.