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Morpeth Chantry meetings

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:53 pm
by Julia Say
It is with regret that the NPS Monday meetings at Morpeth Chantry will have to be discontinued forthwith, for the winter at least.

(this includes the meetings currently listed in the Autumn newsletter)

This is due to a combination of persistently falling attendance, and the current pressure of the curator's daytime job.
Anne usually has to travel back from the Berwick museum, and receives no remuneration for opening the Chantry for the Society in the evening. With half a
dozen or less people attending, it is now too much to ask of her, particularly over the winter months.

The NPS committee will take this time to review the
practicalities, structure and content of a possible replacement
second monthly meeting, to try and attract new attendees. An
announcement will appear in the Spring newsletter.

We are ( as always) open to positive views and suggestions on the

The Saturday meeting programme is unaffected.