Baty Drones

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Baty Drones

Postby Vic Hill » Thu Jul 14, 2011 1:10 pm

Hello Everyone. In the Cocks and Bryan book there are drawings of drones by Baty. The D and G drones are made up of three sections instead of the usual two. I was wondering what was the purpose of this design. Possibly to make boring easier or perhaps to extend the tuning range? Also the bores have two enlarged areas instead of the usual one. Does anyone know if this affects the tone or stability of the drone?
Vic Hill
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Re: Baty Drones

Postby Francis Wood » Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:49 pm

Hello Vic,

My first ever set of drones was copied from a Baty set which I had borrowed. That too had the D and G drones made in three sections.
This seemed at the time to be a fairly inconvenient way to do things since it involved extra effort.

My guess is that it was Baty's economic way of using a certain piece of wood he had at the time. With the exception of the lower part of the D drone at 190mm long, all the other parts of the D, G and A drones are consistently 155 - 160mm long. Baty seems to have been an occasional maker so would be unlikely to have a generous stock of wood.

The three part construction certainly wouldn't do a lot of good for the tone and stability!

Francis Wood
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