Issues in pipemaking

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Issues in pipemaking

Postby Barry Say » Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:59 am

Hi all,

A little while ago, Adrian posted a list of possible drawbacks in pipes which I think should provide a starting a point for discussion. I have taken an admin decision to initiate new topics. When I have posted, I intend to lock this topic so that no one can reply directly. If anything interests you, please start a new topic.

Bag neck
adrian wrote: Bags-necks are too short-which puts pressure on the left thumb when on the chanter; bags are to short in the length, thus the bag slips forward to much because the arm has not got enough grip;

Roundness of chanter
adrian wrote: the chanter is too round at the finger-holes, so the pads of the fingers do not seal;

Shape of key ends
adrian wrote: the keywork, when played, does not touch the fingerpad but goes up the fingernail;

Playing pressure
adrian wrote: the pipes are too hard a playing pressure-no need;

Bag texture
adrian wrote: the bag is using tough leather, so the chanter cannot be placed or moved to where the player wants it;

Long blowpipes
adrian wrote:long blow-pipe, the seam of the bag digs into the wrist;

Short blowpipes
adrian wrote: short blow-pipe, making it disconnect from bellows;

Clack valve (on blowpipe) leaks
adrian wrote: the clack-valve leaks, thus blowing up the bellows;

Bellows leaks
adrian wrote: the bellows leak, thus making high pressure pipes harder to use;

Key-spring pressure
adrian wrote:key-spring-pressure, too hard, no need; key-spring-pressure to soft, the air pressure lifts the key-pads off the holes;

Oiling key-pads
adrian wrote:using keypad lubricants which make the pads stick to the chanter

Oiling bore
adrian wrote:and oiling the bore? the oil runs back into the reed when the chanter is tilted towards the reed.

Is this all?
adrian wrote:Enough!
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