Colin's reedmaking book

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Colin's reedmaking book

Postby Julia Say » Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:51 pm

An expanded and revised up-to-date version of Colin Ross' reedmaking book is now available. It covers nsp reeds (all pitches), ssp reeds (all pitches) and Border
pipe chanter reeds, as well as cane on brass composite drone reeds for all varieties. There is a troubleshooting section.

The cost is 9 GBP from Colin himself. Please add 1.50 for UK P&P, 2.50 to Europe and 3.50 elsewhere if sending him funds.
If you are able to obtain a copy from Colin, please do so.

If you wish to purchase a copy using Paypal, the totals including P&P / commission are 11GBP (UK), 12 GBP (EU), 13 GBP (elsewhere), which should be sent, with a
mailing address, to my receiving account in paypal which is the same as my personal email address

Any queries to me too, please - Colin is not up to to handling a flood of questions.


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