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Drones for D set

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:03 pm
by bob Salter
Are any of the drones in the C&B suitable for a D set. I have the second edition. If not could some kind soul let me have data for a set as I find myself stumped.


Re: Drones for D set

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:35 pm
by pipemakermike
Hi Bob
There isn't a "correct" size for the drone lengths as it is dependant to a considerable degree on the style and setting of reeds and the bore of the parts. I have only made one D chanter and I found that by making special reeds I could get the required drone harmony using a set of standard (to me) drone parts. Having said that and looking at the data I have collected whilst I have been developing the carbon fibre drone reeds, I can have a guess at the likely working lengths of the drones. So, assuming that you want a drone harmony similar to the common Northumbrian Small pipes in F or G, you will need a low A, a low D, a high A and a high D. I have found from a set of pitch/length measurements that a length for the drone that is likely to work is approximately 0.77 times the theoretical acoustical length. The theoretical length for A2 = 786.36 so I would start at 787.0 x 0.77 = 605mm. I have compared this with the lengths I got from my reed testing of 293 & 301.5 for the A3 drone length and doubling those for the next octave down give a length close to the 605mm above.
You could take the low and high D from the lengths for the concert pitch drone parts from the drawings on my website

There really isn't a single solution to the lengths as there are so many variables. I am sure that others will offer different solutions.