Invitation to tender

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Invitation to tender

Postby Julia Say » Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:45 pm

From Andrew Davison:

"I have been approached by the Commanding Officer for the Officer Training Corp covering the region's universities.

They recently received a legacy which they would like to use to commission a special set of Small Pipes to commemorate the contribution of the late Lord
Ridley of Blagdon to the service.

The specification is as follows:
. Blackwood and sterling silver
. 7 keys
. 4 "complicated" drones
. Pitch - "F" to "traditional" pipes "F"
. Velvet bag cover (colour to be agreed but probably black) embroidered with the Blagdon Bull (the embroidery could be a separate commission)
. Bellows to be inlayed with the St Cuthbert's Cross
. They will be used in ceremonial situations, so a good strong sound will be needed
. Drone stock to be hand engraved to commemorate donation and Lord Ridley (wording to be agreed - again, this could be a separate commission)
. To include a strong case

The CO may be posted elsewhere in 12 months and would, ideally, like to see the pipes commissioned before he leaves (but not necessarily delivered). Tenders must include a date by
which the pipes will be delivered.

The commission will not necessarily be placed with the person who submits the lowest tender.

Please could tenders be submitted in writing (email is fine) to myself by close of business on Friday 31 August.
andrew (dot) davison (at) tiscali. co. uk (remove spaces, brackets etc to get valid email address)

Tenders should be accompanied by details of similar work undertaken in the past.

Tenders will be provided to the OTC, who will take the decision as to where they will place their order."

Posted on Andrew's behalf.
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