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Re: Accuracy of C&B 2nd edition.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:01 pm
by andymay
Julia Say wrote:
I think it would be fair to say a little-known maker until fairly recently - kind of gap between when they were made and now-ish?


Yeah it certainly seems that way. Strange really when you think how highly Clough was regarded as a player. Certainly most times i heard anyone mention 'Clough' chanters was in a dismissive sort of way - ugly, difficult to reed, rough etc etc. Which is of course in some cases valid criticism. I suppose the newer makers tried to copy the best examples of well-made pipes they could find - which invariably meant Reid.

Curious then that Jim B chose not to illustrate a Reid 17 key chanter in the 2nd edition C&B, but instead use the somewhat confusing Plate 14. Doubly curious because i have in front of me a photocopy of another JFB drawing of a Fred Picknell chanter which much more closely matches the chanters i have seen.