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A cautionary tale

PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:45 am
by Richard Evans
I was finishing off a small batch of G chanter reeds the other day. They all had exactly the same crow and they all had the same scrape when held up to the light, and the tips of the blades were of identical thickness.
Two worked very well, the third one sounded terrible, simply didn't work below the C hole.
I thought there might be an air leak around the socket wrapping so I put some more thread on- this would throw the chanter out of tune because the reed would be seated further out, but it should confirm/cure the problem.
It was still awful- I was tempted to dump it but needed to know what was going on for future reference. Took the socket wrapping off and discovered a small lump of dried glue on the bare staple. This seems to have been causing a leak through the interior of the wrapping! The reed now works prefectly.
So one tiny issue caused huge problems, making the reed unusable.
The same would be true of course if the chanter itself wasn't 100% airtight, but then you might see different range of effects depending where the leak was.