NPS comp. results

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NPS comp. results

Postby Julia Say » Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:24 pm

Overseas: Very few entries this year. The nsp and Border pipe Open classes were won by John Dally who was the only entrant.
The nsp beginners had 5 entries from NZ and I need to sort out the paperwork to find the winner (sorry!)

Composition: 16 entries. 1st - Richard York, 2nd & 3rd, Chris Ormston
Variations: 4 entries. 1st & 2nd Chris Ormston, 3rd B. Forster
Novice: 1st Adam Bolam-Peel, 2nd Brian Cowen
Beginners: 1st Adam Bolam-Peel
Junior: 1st Tristan Selden, 2nd William Wood
Senior Starters: 1st Dorothy Cragg
Intermediate: 1st - Bill Wakefield, 2nd Dorothy Cragg
Open: 1st Tristan Selden, 2nd Chloe Corrigan, 3rd Peter Dunn
nsp duet: 1st Andy May / Chris Ormston, 2nd Ann Sessoms / Anne Dolphin, 3rd Dorothy Cragg / Steve Davidson
mixed duet: 1st Ann Sessoms / Anne Dolphin
Pipemaking: 1st Alan Bailey

No Border pipes, nor any Advanced class entries.

More details later

Julia Say
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Re: NPS comp. results

Postby Julia Say » Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:51 am

I've now found the overseas paperwork relating to nsp beginners.

nsp overseas beginners:
Joint 1st: Bridget Dobbs, and Heather Biggin

3rd: Brittany Norgate

5 entries, all from NZ.

(Helen, I need to get another plaque engraved as we have joint winners - as soon as I've done that, I'll get it all on the way)

Sorry for the delay

Julia Say
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