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Hall of Hedgerley small pipes

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:01 am
by pipemakermike
Some years ago I returned to playing condition a set of smallpipes by Hall of Hedgerley owned by John Robson, Manager of the Mart at hexham. After a search I have found the photo I took of the pipes at that time.
John Robson is Hannah Hutton's Brother.
The set was made in Laburnum and needed some broken parts of the drones repairing and general setting up. The original boxwood chanter shown in the picture would have required too much intervention to get it playing in tune and it had clearly been a problem for some time as the holes had been much altered. The chanter that John used with the set was a Jack Armstrong chanter that only required the split reed replacing to get playing well.
I have also scanned the receipt for the new bag (shown) that was fitted in 1939. I assume that this was when John aquired the set.