Great new Music Collab Software: OHMSTUDIO--Pipers Wanted!

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Great new Music Collab Software: OHMSTUDIO--Pipers Wanted!

Postby Herman » Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:25 am

Hi pipers---There is an incredible new audio collaboration software (Digital Audio Workstation=DAW) out now in beta testing. It is called OHMSTUDIO. It is now completely free to download and use until the beta ends which is around October.

The way it works is you download and install Ohmstudio, log into the software, and join or create a Session. Multiple musicians can work on the same Session at once. There could be a piper from the England, a drummer from Australia, and a guitarist from France, and you all can create and record the song at once. There is a chat room in the session, as well as a "Lounge" chat where there are people that can help you get set up and working. The Ohmstudio Team holds Public Collaboration Sessions on Saturdays which is a great way to meet people and use the software.

If you have used other DAWs to record yourself, like Cubase, Sonar, Reaper and similar, this software is just like them. The collaborative feature is absolutely incredible. I don't play the Northumbrian pipes (but I love them), but I am trying to spread the word about this software to expand the types of musicians that are involved in the project.

The Ohmstudio site is here:

Please check it out, download and install and I'll see you there for some incredible music creation! You will love it once you get started.


If you have any questions please PM me!

P.S. The Session that we recorded there that I would love to have some pipes on is located here:

Thank you Pipers!
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