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Drone reeds and bagpressure

PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:42 pm
by ugrash
Hello everybody.

My name is Pierre (nickname Ugrash) and I live in Sweden.
I´ve been playing various kinds of mouthblown pipes but now wanted something new
and got my hands on a NSP. And what a challenge it is!

I have a NSP of Bohill from 2004 in the key of D which I´m trying to get a grip on since 2weeks ago, but since
almost noone over here plays NSP I begging and hoping someone could help me with some clues I got so far.
To say is that my set has been checked and adjusted by me so it´s airtight to about 90%.

1. I´ve meassured that my chanter reed works best at 12" (11-13) on the manometer is that ok?
2. When playing for a while (about 15min) I get tired in the bag arm when keeping up the preassure, is it
something I do wrong or is it just training up the right muscles?
3. I need new stable drone reeds, where do I get some in A, a, D and d? I´d prefer brass or composite body with carbon/plastic tounge?