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Overpriced item on ebay - Fenwick tutor

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:59 pm
by Julia Say
There is currently on ebay a 3rd edition (1974) version of the Fenwick tutor, which was re-published by the NPS after textual revision from earlier editions. Its definitely that ed. since it has an ISBN - earlier ones don't have.

Its item no 281058791298, it has a week to run and it stands at 31.25 UK pounds at present (!!)

I don't know what the bidders are thinking of, but if anyone wants a copy of the info, it can be supplied electronically free of charge as a pdf or whatever. The NPS occasionally has spare paper copies which are available to members for the cost of postage only: I can't remember whether there's any in at present but I could check.

Copies of the 1st (1896) edition do also occasionally come up: this is also available as part of a set in facsimile at about half the the current bid price on this item.

Caveat emptor indeed - someone's going to waste an awful lot of pocket money!