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Practice Chanter

Postby young » Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:24 pm

Is there an adaptor attachable to a Chanter for practising ?
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Re: Practice Chanter

Postby Tpfairfax » Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:53 am


There is a lot of work going into this at the moment. I put an article in the newsletter last year which might help. There will be an update in the next one.

There are some attachments periodically available on Ebay - however - it is not recommended to use your normal NSP chanter as a practice chanter as your reed will not survive long.

My children and I all use keyless practice chanters that I have built - and use a modified Highland Practice Chanter Plastic reed. These play in Eb and seem to work well as a tool to develop and enhance muscle memory, learn tunes etc etc. I keep mine in my briefcase when on the road. They are quick and dirty but do the job!!

I will make a keyed version - when time is available... I have trialled this using a spare chanter with an NSP reed - there is a movement issue here (nearly knocked my own teeth out playing the Barrington Hornpipe) - though Andy May's elegant idea of using some plastic pipe on the blowpipe sorts this.... I would not, however, recommend (as previously discussed) messing about with your beautifully fettled and balanced normal pipes!

A number of us are working on a number of projects including:

- Stabilising Chanter Reeds - (there is a strand in the pipe making section on the use of PEG in this respect)
- Building Bespoke Plastic reeds - production issue
- Enhancement of existing GHP practice chanter reeds to make them playable in an NSP chanter
- Drying the airflow - logic has some merit but risks over complicating the issue and defeating the object....(!)

There are also some electronic versions available on the web - I have not used one though some who have are enthusiastic. I note that they are quite expensive...

In short - for those of us who value the utility of a practice chanter - there are some options but most are currently quick and dirty.... we are, however, trying to develop something more elegant..... hope this helps..... do get in touch if you have any insights.... Either on this forum or direct happy to discuss options - you may pull the ultimate solution out of the bag!! :D

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