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Buying used Northumbrian pipes - newbie questions

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:21 pm
by Mandoloin
Warning: this represents my first foray into the world of smallpipes so please make allowances if I say or ask something that is particularly dumb!

My partner and I play a few non-wind instruments between us and we both now want to learn the smallpipes. We play mostly in G, D and relative minors (with the occasional Bb, Eb, F and G# accidentals thrown-in for good measure). From research so far:
  • I think we need Northumbrian smallpipes in concert G
  • I think 7 keys will allow us to play in keys of G, D and the relative minors but we would need 17 keys to get the accidentals.
  • I've read that concert G can sound "squeaky", and that the finger spacing can be very tight, but that it's the best tuning for English sessions and mixed-instrument concert work
Have I got this correct so far?
How much of a problem is the tight fingering?
I presume it would be best to learn with 7 keys and then change the chanter to one with 17 keys - is this correct?
What else do I need to consider?

I have engineering skills/machinery and have made several instruments so I plan to make a set of pipes eventually but would prefer to buy a used instrument to get started on - where is a good place to buy? Has anyone here got something suitable to sell?


Re: Buying used Northumbrian pipes - newbie questions

PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:27 am
by Mandoloin
Apologies for the duplication. The original post didn't appear so I thought I'd hit the wrong button and resubmitted, then they both appeared. C'est la vie.
I can't see a way to delete this duplicate so, to avoid confusion, please reply (if anyone is going to) to the first post.