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New Tunes

Postby John Gibbons » Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:35 pm

Following the release of the new tunebook, and the latest folio, is there space on this BB for a page for new (or fairly new, or ancient but unpublished) tunes?

The rules should be -
1/ Anyone can upload anything, in any format, though abc is preferred to jpeg, being far smaller.
2/ Don't worry if you think a tune is rubbish; even if it is, either someone will find a good way of playing it; or else
3/ If you think something is irredeemably bad, leave it on the page and say nothing rude -
potentially bad music is only actually bad if you have the bad taste to play it badly.
4/ Anything is welcome - but old tunes should be attributed to where you got them.
5/ Side discussions on histories of tunes are a separate issue and may need a separate page.

John Gibbons
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Re: New Tunes

Postby Barry Say » Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:38 pm

There is certainly space to upload tunes, but do we need more tunes? I think that indiscriminate publishing of tunes is not necessarily helpful vis. When we end up with a thousand tunes on a website and no indication of the good :roll: the bad :twisted: and the ugly :mrgreen: I think there is a fair chance that less experienced players will merely get confused.

Personally, I think that [url]Soundcloud[/url] is a wonderful tool. Traditional music must have a strong aural component and passing on tunes by playing them well is right in the groove of the tradition.

That said, try it and see what reaction you get.

Barry Say
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Re: New Tunes

Postby John Gibbons » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:57 pm

Barry, you will perhaps need to watch this - certainly if the topic degenerates into vanity publishing of a lot of tunes that don't work, or incorrect/unsound versions of old tunes which might anyway be available in better versions elsewhere, it would be pointless continuing the experiment.

But one of the occasional entertainments on Dartmouth was if someone sent in an abc, of an old tune or a new composition, and you'd turn it into dots and give it a go - some of these were well worth circulating. As you say, the aural component is crucial - a notated tune, which only the composer knows, is not really music yet, but it will live if people start playing it. At least two of the tunes in the new book circulated as abc's on Dartmouth long before they made print. Of course, we should really split it into two - 'new tunes' for the new compositions, and 'old tunes', if people start circulating ones from old but hard to find sources. Just so we all know which is which....

John Gibbons
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Re: New Tunes

Postby John Gibbons » Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:15 pm

As an attempt to set the ball rolling, here's one that I wrote for Gisela about a year ago.

T: St. Valentine's Day
R: Hornpipe
K: G
|:B>A|G>D (3GBd g>ba>g|(3efg B>e d2 c>B|A>d (3FAd f>ag>f|e>^ca>c d>=cB>A|
G>D(3GBd g>ba>g|(3efg B>e d2 (3Bc^c|(3dBG (3ecA f>ed>^c|(3dBG F>A G2:|
|:(3def |g>ba>g (3fdA F>A|G>D (3GBd c2 d>e|f>ag>f (3eBG E>B|A>fG>e d>^de>f|
g>ba>g (3fdA F>A|G>D (3GBd e2 f>g|(3afd (3ecA (3Bc^c d>e|(3dBG F>A G2:|
|:d>c|B>G(3DGB d>gb>a|(3gfe B>e d>BG>B|A>F (3DFA d>fa>f|e>A (3cde d>FA>c|
B>G(3DGB d>gb>a|(3gfe B>e d>BG>B|(3dBG (3ecA (3fdB (3ge^c|(3dBG F>A G2:|
|:B>c|d>g (3bag (3fed A>c|B>G(3DGB c2 (3Bc^c|d>f (3agf (3gfe B>g|A>fG>e F>dE>c|
D>g(3bag (3fed A>c|B>G(3DGB e2 f>g|(3afd (3ecA (3Bc^c d>e|(3dBG F>A G2:|

It is not as hard to play as some things I've written, and someone out there might have a use for it soon.
The second 2 strains are a variation on the first pair. The low D halfway through the last strain is not a typo.

I hope some other people out there will post a few abc's up too.
If this section has to survive on my output it won't last long.

John Gibbons
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