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Bagpipe entry

Postby Barry Say » Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:28 pm

Hi all,

I know that some members of the forum occasionally venture to put make or modify entries on Wikipedia. This is a good thing as it is something that falls within the remit of the piping community, and cannot be left either, on the one hand, to professionals or their fans (who might have axes to grind), nor on the other hand should we expect the committee of the NPS to enter this arena, but rather Wikipedia is best left to encyclopedia... (what is the word for people who like to write encyclopedias I keep coming up with encyclopediaphiles, but I think that might be misunderstood these days).

I was looking up the entry on bagpipes and I found references to three collections of traditional bagpipes, New York, Spain and Pitt Rivers. I thought it only fair to add the Chantry and draw attention to the Cocks' collection.

The Chantry Bagpipe Museum entry is a bit thin, and this is something that officialdom should not be responsible for. It is up to the encyclopedists to describe the MCBM from an independent standpoint.

I thought a forum to discuss wikipedia stuff might be a good idea.

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