Awareness of Peacock et al.

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Re: Awareness of Peacock et al.

Postby Wallie Ogilvie » Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:28 pm

In response to Julia's request for a list :-
The black and the grey
Gillan an drover
Felton lonning
Newmarket races ( although there are versions of this on the Tunebook cassette)
Tulloch goram
Bobby Shaftoe ( I prefer Peacocks to the other versions)
Highland laddie with variations
Suttors of Selkirk

These are mostly variation sets, but there are many of the short tunes I haven't heard before. Those of us who don't live in the north east have more difficulty encountering other pipers who may play these tunes.

One of the pleasures of TOTM is hearing how pipers approach the same tune, and I have benefitted from help and constructive advice from both Richard and Bill on correcting errors in my playing, and reassessing my playing of a tune. Maybe we could have a Peacock TOTM , uploading various versions to a Peacocks Dropbox or Soundcloud page, providing a resource for pipers to access and learn the tunes. Of course people would still need to be aware of this in order to access it, and given that only 25% of the NPS membership are registered on the forum, and the Peacock page is invisible to the casual visitor due to the login requirement, it would be an uphill struggle.

One positive is that both Bill and I were stimulated and inspired by Richard and Chris at Whitley Bay, and hopefully we were not the only ones. Picking up Bills point, maybe at the next Whitley Bay week a day could be devoted solely to Peacock.

Finally, a couple of years ago, it was common for newspapers to give away free CD's every weekend. Would it be possible for the Society to give away a CD of well played Peacock tunes with the magazine. It would then go to every member,and if accompanied by an article on the importance of Peacock, hopefully be encouraged to explore it further. Given, as Richard says how fundamental this is to piping, it would be a good long term investment for the future of piping and the society.
Wallie Ogilvie
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Re: Awareness of Peacock et al.

Postby John Gibbons » Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:23 pm

Cut and Dry, and Cuckold, are the ones that turned the light on for me - Jacky is not far behind.

The idiom of closed-fingered playing is not necessary for 'modern' tunes like The Barrington (though I like them that way),
but Cut and Dry, if played like spaghetti rather than peas, absolutely would not work on NSP;
making the Dixon/Peacock tunes work on BP needs serious thought if you want to be bilingual.

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