Roly Gentle some history

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Roly Gentle some history

Postby pipemakermike » Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:05 pm

Roly Gentle, a tune composed by Kathryn Tickell

Roly Gentle was a superb craftsman. I got to know him when he helped Juliet Beamont teach violin making in Cambridge. He made wonderful violin bows and everything he touched was superbly crafted. Kathryn met him when she was staying with me and Roly, then dying from bowel cancer visited and left a lasting impression on Kathryn. She had this tune in her head and asked me if Roly would mind it carrying his name. Roly died a week later and I learnt the tune from from Kaythryn over the phone and played it on my smallpipes as Roly's coffin passed from sight at the crematorium.
I later played it at a wake for Roly to an audience of several hundred of Roly's friends at one of the Cambridge university concert halls and was accompanied on violin by Jan Kasnowski then leader of a London orchestra (I think).

The Tune is written in Em for the pipes and the seconds shown below were written by Greg Smith(AKA Reg Thimms) in Dm for accompanyment on concert pitch instruments.

The dots for the Em version are here:- ... _10467.gif

and here are the seconds:-

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