Bulletin Board Structure - Pipers Time Out

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Bulletin Board Structure - Pipers Time Out

Postby Barry Say » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:49 pm

When this BB was in an early stage of development Various forums were tried out. One of these was a Pipers' Time Out for BB members to discuss non-piping trivia. When we came to make it more widely known, the overall structure was rather complicated and almost all the recent posts were in the Time Out section. Added to which, some were incomprehensible except to a select few. I took the decision to tidy things up in the hope of attracting more postings. However, the Time Out section was advertised in the NPS Newsletter so its absence is a little embarrasing

I have no objection in principle to an off-topic forum for jokes recipes and whatever, but I can now see a few difficulties.

1.The procedure to become a full member of the Bulletin Board now consists of sending at least one reasonably sensible posting on piping. Sensible in this case can be "I've just got my first set of NSP and..... I do not think that an off-topic posting to a Time out section, say about the price of Rhubarb, should be used to establish a potential member's bona fides as a piper.

2. What would moderation mean in such a section?

3. Would we hold such postings indefinitely, thus increasing the storage overhead for the NPS? If not, how long should topics survive?

Once again, I would welcome any comments.


4. I am aware that the British National Party are currently seeking out folk forums to cause difficulties. I personally would not wish to take any steps which might make it easier for such attacks to succeed.
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Re: Bulletin Board Structure - Pipers Time Out

Postby Francis Wood » Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:01 pm

This bulletin board is a facility provided by the NPS and it has a fairly specific purpose - to serve a fairly focused enthusiasm group. If as you envisage, Barry, a 'Time out' section has the capability to attract problems and complications without any advantage, I'd be in favour of abandoning that idea. Discussions about the price of rhubarb etc. already take place on Dartmouth, alongside more relevant topics, so nobody would be deprived of that opportunity.

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Re: Bulletin Board Structure - Pipers Time Out

Postby pipemakermike » Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:40 am

Hi Barry

I agree that this site should be kept serious and there are plenty of more conversational style facilities appropriate to the more frivolous banter.

As you already know, I think that pipemaking should be part of the main forum as it is often hard to separate the pure pipemaking from the general interest as can be seen currently, as the 3 entries to the pipemaking forum are of wider interest to the piping fraternity. It is generally only useful to have a specialist area when there is sufficient traffic to justify it.

I would suggest that you keep a watching brief and, if any area starts to generate a lot of postings, create an area for those postings.

I can think of a couple of useful areas that might develop in the future:-

  • Classified ads
  • Upcoming events
  • Reviews
  • User Support

Some forums have a political forum for the more contentious political discussions but I would hope that these are a thing of the past. On other forums these political areas have been set up in response to specific discussions that have become a distraction to the general forum user and usually flower briefly then wither.
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Re: Bulletin Board Structure - Pipers Time Out

Postby Eric » Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:22 am

Hi, Just thought I would add something here even though I am a newcomer. If the "Time Out" section could lead to monitoring difficulties then there is no desperate need to go ahead with it. There are plenty other places for such discussions so we could stay piping oriented.

As on other forums, I would like to see a place for "new member introductions". This need not be compulsory, but it is nice to say just a little about yourself when joining a new forum. It is even better when some of the established members welcome the new member as this can help to make you feel part of the community. Sadly no-one has welcomed me yet on my introductory post :(

If the admin / moderators have time you could bench mark other music forums to see what really works. Some useful ones might be:

GHB http://forums.bobdunsire.com/forums/index.php
Whistle http://forums.chiffandfipple.com/viewfo ... 918cc9d8e7
Ukulele http://www.ukuleleunderground.com/forum/

A list of NSP CD's would be very helpful. Maybe that could be a "sticky".

I hope these comments are of some use.

Eric. :)
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