Annual Competitions

The NPS competitions have been held since the very first days of the society and provide an opportunity for all pipers to share their music and as a showcase for the instrument.

With the ongoing restrictions on holding public gatherings, this year’s competitions will be held as an online event. Pre-recorded video entries for the playing classes will be judged in advance and a compilation of relevant extracts will be shown at the online competitions event, which will go live at 7.15pm on Saturday 17 October and is taken offline at 9.00am on Tuesday 20 October.  The event will include comments from the judges and presentation of the awards. It will be a free event open to anyone.

There will be no separate overseas classes, so overseas competitors can compete on equal terms to those based in the UK.  These will, therefore, be the World Championships for Northumbrian piping! Do have a go!!!

Our judges this year will be Alistair Anderson, Andy May and Kathryn Tickell.

Adjudication – October 17th

The competition results will be announced in a video presention at 7.15pm (UK) on the 17th October via Youtube. You can follow the NPS channel now – or simply bookmark the event here.