Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter what pitch my pipes are in?

As long as the pipes conform to the ‘type’ for the class the specific key or pitch is not considered relevant to entry.

Can I enter the duet or group classes with a double tracked video?

Unfortunately we can’t accept entries in this form – but it’s a great idea and we encourage you to give it a go and share it with others!

Do I have to submit a video of my new tune / variations?

Video (or audio) entries are not required for composition classes but are very welcome! Submitting your entry as video or audio will certainly help the judge understand the composers intent.

Can I share my video entry with my friends / family / tutor before the competition?

Yes, you can share your entry privately. Publicly sharing entries before the competition might influence others entry decisions and may also be seen by the judge.

Can I share a video / manuscript of my new tune? / I have already publicised my new tune, can I submit it?

Yes! Composition classes are not subject to the ‘public sharing’ restrictions of playing class entries.

Can I submit a video I made last week/month/year?

Recently recorded video (from 1st July 2020) can be accepted but anything older than this cannot be used for playing classes. Recordings of live events (such as concert spots) cannot be accepted.

I don’t have access to a camera or video enabled phone; how can I enter? / Can I just submit an audio file?

Given the current unusual circumstances, the decision was made to host the competitions in an online format. The visual element of seeing pipers play is the closest experience to the in-person competitions and audio only entries can’t be accepted.

I made a better recording, can I resubmit my entry?

Only one entry can be submitted for each class & resubmission of a video makes things very complicated. This may be considered in exceptional circumstances such as major technical issues with the video.

Is the Society going to continue to host video entries in future years?

Currently, the expectation is that the ‘in-person’ format will return as soon as circumstances permit. No decisions have been made on whether or how video submissions might be incorporated with future events. The society is certainly interested in hearing your opinions on the use of video for the competitions and other events.