Competition Playing Classes

This is a private page with links to the videos submitted for the 2020 competitions

Class 3. Small pipes Novice – Judge, Andy May

Rachel StephensonWhittingham Green Lane
Ward’s Brae
Casey TickellChevy Chase
Winster Gallop
Reggie Chamberlain-KingButtered Peas
T’ae Gar Ye Loup

Class 4. Small pipes Junior – Judge, Andy May

Casey TickellDawning of the Day (Raglan Road)
Hexham Races

Class 5. Small pipes Beginners – Judge, Kathryn Tickell

Kay AdamsonMolly’s Waltz
Sir Sydney Smith’s March
David Rigby Miles Away (from home)
The Redesdale Hornpipe
Stuart McQuade Crooked Bawbee
Proudlock’s Hornpipe
Alex BarrassTom Hackett’s Dream – O. Hackett
The Hesleyside Reel – T.J. Elliot

Class 6. Blackthorn Stick Trophy – Judge, Kathryn Tickell

Ann FarringtonWhere Hast Thou Been All The Night?
The Norwegian Gent
Geoff WrightWhittingham Green Lane
Wylam Away

Class 7. Small pipes Intermediate – Judge, Kathryn Tickell


Vincent Syson
Rothbury Hills
The Keel Row
Lambshaws Fancy
Phoebe De’AthRoslin Castle
Gypsy’s Hornpipe
Les Poules Huppees
Jon Shurlock Lea Rigg
Flower of the Quern
Bewshaugh Hornpipe
Carolyn SoakellBoulavogue
Rowley Burn
Tom Hackett’s Dream
ANDREW BURN Crookit Bawbee
Come Ye Not from Newcastle
Mount Your Baggage
Jürgen Ross Lamb Skinnet,
Sweet Hesleyside,
Redesdale Hornpipe
Ian BarkerAir for Maurice Ogg
The Road to the North
Anniversary Jig
Derrick HughesFarewell (NSP Book 3 pg. 21)
Berwick Billy
Mr Christopher Moss

Class 8. Small pipes Advanced – Judge, Kathryn Tickell

Sophie FraserElsie’s Waltz
Sir Sydney Smith’s March
Lads of Alnwick

Class 9. Small pipes Open – Judge, Kathryn Tickell

David SomervilleCarriteth (Tom Clough)
The Norwegian Gent (Ian Stephenson)
Fenwick O’Bywell
Up the Tree (David Somerville)
Ian LawtherGypsy’s Lullaby
Morpeth Rant
Jackey Layton
Holey Ha’penny
Andy LawrensonOh Dear! What can the Matter Be (var.)
Holey Ha’Penny
Chief O’Neil’s Favourite
Iain GelstonBecause He Was A Bonny Lad (vars R. Say)
New Way to Bouden
Lady’s Well (A. Dagg)
South Shields Volunteers’ Strathspey
Rob SayBanks Hornpipe
The Lea Rigges + vars
Lady’s Well
The Rothley Road

Class 10 Duet for Small pipes or Border pipes – Judge, Andy May

Jon Shurlock & Paul Tabbush Green Space
Mr Kennedy North
Alex Barrass & Kay AdamsonKeelman Ower the Land
The Piper in the Well – (A. Davison)
Rachel Stephenson & Jamie MacauleyRothbury Hills
Buttered Peas
Andrew Burn & David SomervilleFanny Power
The Earl of Crawford

Class 11 Mixed Duet/Ensemble – Judge, Andy May

Stephen Douglass & Val Blau Bonniest Lass in Aa The Warld
Hoop ‘Er and Gird ‘Er
Rachel Stephenson & Jamie MacauleyBonny at Morn
Blawearie (Tired of the Wind)
Derrick Hughes & Keith PhillipsMemories (Reflections) by Tom Clough
Farewell to the Dean by Willie Taylor

Class 12 Border pipes Half-longs or Lowland pipes – Judge, Andy May

Edric EllisOpenYe Banks & Braes of Bonny Doon
The New Way to Bowden
Richard the Rogue
Iain GelstonOpenSaw Ye Not My Meggy (Henry Atkinson MS)
Bonny Pit Lad (John Peacock’s Collection)
Dance to Your Daddy (Variations by R. Cannon)

Class 13 Pipemaking – Judge, Andy May

No Entries