NPS Competitions 2023

The Society were thrilled to be able to return once again this year to the ancient and wonderful location of St Andrew’s Church, Newgate Street for our NPS Competitions held on Saturday 7th October 2023

The church was a fitting venue for a great day of piping, judged by Edric Ellis (playing classes) and Andrew Cadie (compositions), and compèred once again by Andrew Lawrenson.

The results were as follows:

Class 1a Overseas Small pipes:


1. Maike Schramm

2. Ulrich Heinecker

3. Owen Lewis

No further entries

Class 3 Composition of Original Tune

1. David Rigby, “Rainbow Over Corsenside”

2. Ian Lawther, “Sharon Korchonoff”

3. Chris Ormston, “Plessey Hornpipe”

Class 4 Composition of Variations

1. John Gibbons “Broken Legged Chicken”

2. Geoff Wright “Welcome to the Town Again”

3. Geoff Wright “Dear Tobacco”

Class 8 Blackthorn Stick

1. Hilary Richardson

No further entries

Class 9 Small pipes Intermediate

1. Melanie Rothman

2. Vincent Syson

3. Derrick Hughes

Class 10 Small pipes Advanced

1. Carolyn Soakell

2. Elliott Park

No further entries

Class 11 Small pipes Open

1. Alex Barrass

2. Jon Shurlock

No further entries

Class 12 Small pipes Duet

1. Paul Tabbush and Jon Shurlock

2. Derrick Hughes and Ann Farrington

No further entries

Class 13 Mixed Duet/Ensemble

1. Ann Farrington, Derrick Hughes, & Jon


2. Andrew Cadie and Andy May

No further entries

Class 14b Border Pipes/Half Longs

1. Alex Barrass

No further entries

Class 17 Funky Tune

1. Carolyn Robson

2. Geoff Wright 

3. Vreni Murphy

No further entries