The Clough family of Newsham (A4 Softback)




The Clough Family of Newsham

Published in 2000, this book is the most prestigious publication by the NPS to date. The Clough family piping tradition can be traced back almost 250 years, and their manuscript collection, on which the musical section of the book is based, contains much unique material. It also includes biographies and historical background to the activities of the most influential family in the history of Northumbrian piping. This is also available in hardback at a premium since copies are bound on an as required basis..

160 pages – A4 Portrait – Softback

Tune list

Willow Tree Hornpipe/Joan’s Jig/Herd On The Hill /Mr. Kennedy North/Nancy Clough/Memories/Reflections/Miss Jenny Clough/Shadows/Carriteth/Miss Maydell Armstrong/G. H. Hedley’s Hornpipe/Dr. Whittaker’s Hornpipe/Lullaby/’Melody’/Spirit Of The Border/A Lament /Noble Squire Dacre/The Wounded Hussar/Niel Gow’s Farewell To Whisky/The Arethusa/Barbar’s Poll (=Barber’s Pole)/The Beeswing/The Bottle Bank/The Cage/The Hawk/The High Level/Marquis Of Waterford/Proudlock’s Fancy/The Rights Of Man/Shields Fair/The South Shore/The Steamboat/Till The Tide Comes In/Xyz/Because He Was A Bonny Lad/Dorrington Lads/Lads Of Alnwick/Berwick Billy/Welcome To The Town Again/Newburn Lads/Minstrel’s Fancy/O Little Wot Ye Wha’s Coming/My Dearie Sits Ower Late Up/Take A Peep At Peggy’s Foot/Elks Festival/Duncan Davidson/John Peel/Elks Festival/Duncan Davidson /All The Night I Lay Wi’ Jockey/The Tailors Are Aa Gyen Styen Blind/Bobby Shaftoe/Bonny Pit Lad/Bluebells Of Scotland/Blow The Wind Southerly/Bluebells Of Scotland /Corn Rigs/Cuddy Claw’d Her/East Neuk Of Fife/Wylam Away /Felton Lonnin/Cut And Dry Dolly/The Girl I Left Behind Me /I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me/Nelly Gray/Jenny Jones/Maggy Lauder/Duke Of Atholl’s Pibroch/Maggy Lauder/Oh, Dear, What Can The Matter Be? /Newmarket Races/Nae Guid Luck Aboot The House/Pibroch O’ Donald Dhu/Jackey Layton/New Highland Laddie/The Suttors Of Selkirk/Lucy Campbell/My Ain Kind Dearie /Lea Rigges/The Laird Of Cockpen/Holey Ha’penny/The Keel Row/Colburn Lane/Garibaldi/Old Strathspey/Andro And His Cutty Gun/Hen’s March/Sir Sidney Smith’s March/Grand Imperial March/The Barley Mow/Bristol Hornpipe/Grimaldi/Hornpipe/The Queen Hornpipe/Lattamoor/New High Level/Violetta/Colonel Mcbean/The Cliff Or Anderson’s Hornpipe/Bonny Tweedside/The Canty Auld Man/I Loe Nae A Laddie But Ane/Irish Jig/Milkhope/Scots Come O’er The Border/Joan’s Placket’s Torn/Hey For Newbiggin/Rachel Rae/Maria’s Frolic/Mrs Mcdonald/Old Towler/Peacock Followed The Hen/Jockey Lay In The Hayloft/Wedding Of Blyth/A Mile To Ride/Gan Te The Kye Wi’ Me/Jenny Bell Polka/’Old Tom’s’ Rant/Durham Rangers/Katherine Reel/Miss Mcleod’s Reel/Morpeth Rant/Speed The Plough/Swallows Tail Reel/Teetotaller Reel/Whinham’s Reel/Within A Mile Of Dublin/Reel /Highland Hobby/Black Tankard/Cuckoo’s Nest/Black Cock Of Wigan/Black Cock of Whickham

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