Pipe Tunes

Tune Books

Since it’s early days one of the priorities of the Society has been to make available written music for the pipes. We now have 4 collections published under the ‘NPS Tune Book’ series, with the most recent published in 2019, as well as a collection of newly composed music and another for duets. Alongside this we also publish source manuscripts, including John Peacock’s collection of 1800 and a selection of tunes from Robert Bewick.

The Clough Family collection is an important source, and with this in mind the Society have published both a small tune book and a larger history of the family written by Julia Say & Chris Ormston. Julia has aslo co-written, with Adrian Schofield, the excellent collection of Billy Pigg’s music.

The Society has also joined forces with The Lowland and Border Pipers’ Society to produce a selection of traditional and local tunes for the Half Long pipes. We have also supported the important publishing work of Matt Seattle and stock a number of his books, including his edition of the hugely important William Dixon manuscript, ‘The Master Piper’.

Everything in our shop is available to both members and non-members, although members do receive a discount.

A list of the books available can be viewed in the book shop.

Tune Index

For Music published by the Society we now have an excellent Tunes Index which we think lists all the tunes in all the publications we have for sale, listed in alphabetical order. Download the PDF then simply scroll down until you find the tune you need and you will see not only the book you’ll find it in, but the page number too. Also the key it’s in and the composer are listed where known.

All the tunes listed are to be found in at least one book published or sold by the NPS.