Getting a Set of Pipes

There are a number of makers from whom you can choose to make you a set of pipes. Our Pipemakers page has a list of makers. Please be aware that some of these may not be taking orders at this time, and that waiting lists for new pipes are often quite long.


Due to the cost of the instrument it sometimes makes sense to hire a set to get started. Both Alnwick Piping Society and Northumbrian Pipers’ Society have fleets of hire pipes, and this is a good way to start.  For smaller children, NPS have a fleet of plastic school pipes which sound tremendous and are easy to start with. 

For further information on hiring a set of our pipes please contact Hilary Richardson.

Second-Hand Pipes

Second-hand sets of Northumbrian Pipes regularly come on the market, at auctions, through private sales and online. Before buying a second-hand set we advise that you consult an experienced piper or pipemaker for advice. The Northumbrian Piping Newsgroup or the NPS page on Facebook are also useful resources for help when looking at purchasing a second-hand instrument.

Learning Resources