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This album sets out to capture the breadth of current Northumbrian piping from grass roots level to virtuoso playing. For a tradition to thrive both of these need to be strong and it is to be hoped that all players and listeners will find something to enjoy, admire and aspire to amongst these 19 tracks. Sincere thanks are due to all of the pipers and other musicians who responded to the call to contribute their time, skill and effort to this project. Their commitment has resulted in a veritable feast of piping styles and approaches. It is over 25 years since the Society has tackled a project of this nature. Let us hope the next one happens much more quickly.

Track Listing

01 The Keelman Ower Land/Mary Armstrong – Andy May (3:59)
02 Warksburn Waltz/Vals efter PeterCarlsson – Andy & Margaret Watchorn (3:38)
03 My Dearie Sits Ower Late Up – Chris Ormston (3:29)
04 Wild Hills o’ Wannies/ Mr Preston’s Hornpipe – Alice Burn & Emily Hoile (5:25)
05 Whisky’s Not Enough – Anthony Robb & Stewart Hardy (5:35)
06 Farewell To the Albatross – Kim Bibby-Wilson & John Bibby (2:00)
07 Carrick Hornpipe/Lads of Alnwick/Holey Ha’penny – Alice Burn ( 5:10)
08 The Recruiting Officer/ Fourpence Halfpenny Farthing – Beat Weber, Gerry Murphy & Guido Helmig (2:36)
09 The Gypsy’s Lullaby/93 Not Out – Paul Knox (4:26)
10 The Redesdale Hornpipe/Proudlock’s Hornpipe – Anthony Robb & Jimmy Little (3:17)
11 Meadow In May/Merry Thresher – Gerry Murphy (4:02)
12 Kielder Fells/I’ll Get Wed In My Auld Claes/Owen Hackett’s/The Real Thing – Andrew Davison & Kathy Anderson (3:51)
13 Catcherside – Andy & Margaret Watchorn (3:33)
14 Old Hag You Have Killed Me/The Rambling Pitchfork/My Darling Asleep – Dave Shaw (2:39)
15 Memories of Wallington/Jamie Allen/De’il Amang the Tailors – Richard Butler & Jan Bennett (4:08)
16 The Marquis of Waterford/ The Omnibus – Andy May (2:57)
17 Blowzabella/A Mile to Ride/Drops of Brandy – Nick Leeming & Louise Woodman (3:48)
18 What Is Lost and Can’t Be Found/Catherine Chalmer/Drink the Worts and Spill the Beer – Becky Taylor (3:09)
19 Grey Bull Hornpipe/Wark Football Team – The Kathryn Tickell Band (2:33)
Total playing time 70:25
Produced by Anthony Robb at Hooky Mat Records
For the Northumbrian Pipers’ Society

All tracks recorded by Anthony Robb at Hooky Mat Records Sedgefield except:
Track 03 – recorded by Anthony Robb at Ceddesfeld Hall (Sedgefield)
Track 08 – recorded by Toni Ruegg (Basel)
Track 19 – recorded by Julien Batten at Cecil Sharp House (London)

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