Borja Baragaño Prieto

Borja Baragaño Prieto is an Asturian pipes and flute player. Not content with only one set of pipes, he also plays Uilleann pipes! While still living in his native Asturias, Borja taught both bagpipes and flute and was an active folk musician, playing with Asturian bands including Llangres, DRD, Felpeyu, N´Arba and Llan de Cubel.

Since moving to Germany, he plays with the German band Larún, and still teaches flute and Uilleann pipes. In 2014, to commemorate 25 years as a folk musician, he recorded a solo album “Where I Could Go”, which features Asturian, Breton, Irish, Scottish and Norwegian music as well as his own compositions. He has also published two volumes of his favourite Asturian session tunes.