Fionnlagh Mac A’Phiocar

Fionnlagh Mac A’ Phiocar’s interpretation of the music that comes from his native culture, Scottish Gàidhlig, is regarded as a breath of fresh air – while being firmly rooted in the tradition he grew up in.

A native, 21-year-old Gàidhlig speaker from the Isle of North Uist, in the Outer Hebrides, Fionnlagh has been immersed in the music of the Hebrides all his life.

Fionnlagh’s instrument is the Scottish Smallpipe, a set of bellows blown bagpipes, consisting of drones and a chanter. The instrument itself is a mellow, soft sounding blend of a nine-note scale, which is accompanied by drones tuned to different harmonics.

Fionnlagh combines his playing with Gàidhlig song, to create contrasting textures, which he weaves together in performance to create a hypnotising sound which washes over audiences.

Fionnlagh’s recent performances include Celtic Connections, BBC ALBA x TG4 Series “Struth” and recently played a Recital at the Lowland and Border Pipers’ Society Annual Collogue.