NPS Peacock’s Tune Book




First published at the beginning of the 19th century(i.e. about 200 years ago) by William Wright of High Bridge, Newcastle, The contents of the book are reputed to be drawn fom the repertoire of John Peacock, one of the last of the Newcastle Waits. Its publication was intended (even at that time) the instrument and tunes from passing out of use. 3 copies of this book survive and one of these was used to produce a facsimile which was published by the NPS in 1980. This fascinating book certainly helped to provoke interest in these old tunes, but it was considered difficult to read (deservedly). The current edition has been typeset in the style of current society publications, and facsimile representations of original pages have been included for illustrative purposes.

52 pages – A5 Landscape – Folded & Stapled – Card Cover

Tune list

Frisky/Welcome to the Town Again/A Mile to Ride/Niel Gow’s Wife/New Drops of Brandy/Bonny Lad/Niel Gow/Money Musk/Lady Coventry’s Minuet/My Ain Kind Dearie/The Bonny Bay Mare and I/Over the Border/Jockey Stays Long at the Fair/Fare Well/Charles Street Bath/Gin a Body Meet a Body/O Say Bonny Lass/Bonapart’s Expedition/I’m over Young to Marry Yet/Sir Charles Rant/The General Toast/Paddy Whack/I saw my Love come Passing by Me/My Dearie sits ower Late up/Meggy’s Foot/Cuddy Claw’d Her/Cuckold Come out the Amrey/ Black and the Grey/Gillan na Drover/Wigh’s Fancy/Oyster Wife’s rant/Holme’s Fancy/Wylam Away/Felton Lonning/Lochail’s March/The Parks of Yester/The Suttor’s of Selkirk/Tulloch Goram/The Bonny Pit Lad/Miller’s Daughter/Butter’d Peas/All the night I lay with Jockey/Cut and Dry Dolly/Bobby Shaftoe/O’er the Dyke/The Peacock follows the Hen/Highland Laddie/Newmarket races/Jackey Layton/Highland Laddie

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