The Fiddle Music of James Hill




Published in 2005, this contains a collection of hornpipes and other tunes, by James Hill and other musicians of his period, principally selected from local sources.

Tune list

The Barber’s Pole/Beeswing/The Cage/Bottle Bank/The California Hornpipe/The Champion Hornpipe/Charles Attwood/The Country Lass/The Great Exhibition/The Fiddler’s Fancy/The Flying Dutchman/The Free Trade/The Enterprise Hornpipe/The Hawk/The High Level Bridge Hornpipe/Hawks’ Polka/The Hunter/James Brown/Jenny Lind (The Fisher Lads)/The Marquis of Waterford/The Lads Like Beer/Miss Hunter’s Hornpipe/The New Year’s Gift/The Pear Tree/The Newcastle Hornpipe (Prince Albert’s Hornpipe)/Proudlock’s Fancy/The Omnibus/The Quayside/James Hill’s Reel/Spence’s Tent/The Spotted Bitch/The Stony Steps Hornpipe/Tweedly Park/Tykeside/A hornpipe – no. 8/When the Tide Comes in/A hornpipe – no.9/Blaydon Flats/The Cliff (The Ruby)/The Gateshead Hornpipe/Earl Grey/The Gardener Lads/Gleghorn’s Fancy/The Ferry Bridge Hornpipe/The Circassian Circle (Hill’s Fancy)/Little Jim’s Hornpipe/The Locomotive/The Navvie on the Line/The Rights of Man/Shields Fair/The Scholar (The South Shore)/The South Shore/The Steamboat/The Underhand/The Wonder/XYZ/Miss Aubone Surtees Favourite/The Mug of Brown Ale (Fogabella)/The Old Church Hornpipe/Anybody’s Hornpipe/The Black Wall Hornpipe/The Careless Lass/Chambers’s Hornpipe/Clasper’s Hornpipe/The Comet/Durham Regatta/The Favourite/The Champion/The Durham/The Firefly/The Flying Dutchman/The Free Trade/The Gaslight Hornpipe/George Hunter’s Shop/A Hornpipe/Kemp’s Hornpipe/Marsden Rock/The Merry Lads of Gateshead/The Monckey/Mrs. Gibbs’ Hornpipe/The Pride of the North/The Railway Bridge/The Ranting Lads of Sunderland/The Rink/The Rocket (The Stage)/Thomas Hair’s Hornpipe/A Hornpipe – 1/Smith’s Hornpipe/A Hornpipe – 2/A Hornpipe (Raughton Head)/A Hornpipe – 4/A Hornpipe – 5/The West End/Whit Monday

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