NPS Tune Book 2




The Northumbrian Pipers’ Second Tune book

First published in 1981 with a revised edition ten years later, this book provided an expanded repertoire for the pipes at a time when much of the repertoire was being circulated in handwritten form. A varied selection of mainly Northumbrian and Scottish tunes, both traditional and modern.

80 pages – A5 Landscape – Folded & Stapled – Laminated Cover

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Tune list

Adam Buckham/Alston Flower Show/A Mile to Ride/Andrew Carr/Anne of Hindhope/Are you my hinny burd?/Archie o’Cawfield/Barabara Armstrong/The Battle of the Somme/The Biddlestone  Hornpipe/Billy Boy /Billy Pigg’s Hornpipe /Bobby Shaftoe /Bonny at Morn /Bonny North Tyne /Bonny Woodside /Boulavogue /The Breamish /The Broomfield /The Burn Deviot /Buy Broom Buzzems /Ca’ Hawkie /Ca’ the ewes tae the knowes /The Cameron Highlanders /Captain Bover /The Captain’s Hornpipe /The Carrick Hornpipe /Chapter of Donkeys /The Closing Date /Coates Hall /Coffee Bridge /The Colosseum Hornpipe /Come you not from Newcastle /Corn Riggs /The Cumberland reel /Cushie Butterfield/Dance ti thy Daddy/Dashing White Sergeant/The Death of PArcy Reed/De’il amang the thailors/Dennis Murphy’s Hornpipe/Derwentwater/Dingle regatta/Dol li a/Dorrington Lads/Dream Angus/Drops of Brandy/Dr. Whittaker’s Hornpipe/Elsey’s Waltz/Eriskay Love Lilt/The Far Flower of Northumberland/Farewell to the Creeks/Ferndene Hornpipe/The flower of the Quern/The Flowers of the forest/Follow her over the Border/Footy agyen the Wall/GAteshead Stadium/The Glen Aln Hornpipe/The Gypsie’s Lullaby/Hamilton House/The Hawk/The Hieghts of Alma/The Hexham Quadrille/The Hexhamshire Lass/The High Level Hornpipe/The High Road to Linton/Highland Cradle Song/Hilary Macaulay’s Wedding/Hurlock’s Reel/I’ll bid my heart be still/Jack’s gone a shearing/J. B. Milne/Jean Copeland/Jim Hall’s Fancy/Jock of Hazeldene/John Macfadyenof Melfort/John Peel/Johnny Cope/J. R. Pigg/Keelman ower the land/Keep your feet still Geordie hinny/KelvinGrove/Kenmay House, Aberdeen/Kinclaven Brig/Kirkconnel Lea/The Lads that were reared among heather/Lady Cassilis’s Lilt/The Laird o’Drumblair/Lament of the Border Widow/The Lark in the Clear Air/Leaving Lismore/Linhope Loup/Lizzie Lindsay/Lochaber/The Locomotive/Lord Lovat’s Lament/The Manchester Hornpipe/Meg Merrilees/Memories/The Mitford Galloway/Molly at the fair/Mr. Kennedy North/Mrs. E. N. Monair of Bruach/My home/My love is but a lassie yet/Nancy till/The New Tyne Bridge/The Old Drove Road/Ovingham goose fair/Parnell’s March/The Peacock followed the hen/Peacock’s Tune/Ranting Ross/The Rights o’ Man/Riverside/The Road to Jack’s/Robertson’s Reel/Rory Dall’s Port/The Rose tree/Rowantree Hill/Sandgate Lass’s Lamentation/Sherlock’s Hornpipe/Shew’s the way to Wallington/Sir Patrick Spens/Slievenamon/The South Shore/South Wind/The Strand/Sunderland Lasses/The Swallow’s Tail Reel/’Til the tide comes in/Up the Raw/Variations on a children’s hymn/The Warksburn Waltz/Wey, hey dark Mary/When she came by she bobbit/The White Cockade/Whittingham Fair/The Wife at Usher’s Well/The Wild Hills o’Wannies/Will the Barber/The Yellow Haired Laddie.

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