NPS Tune Book 3




Northumbrian Pipers’ Society Third Tune Book

Published in 1991, featuring tunes spanning a wide time range from the 17th Century to the current day. The tunes are mainly from the North-East of England and Scotland, although the editor’s net has also caught tunes from as far afield as Scandinavia and America. book provided an expanded repertoire for the pipes at a time when much of the repertoire was being circulated in handwritten form. A varied selection of mainly Northumbrian and Scottish tunes, both traditional and modern.

48 pages – A5 Landscape – Folded & Stapled – Laminated Cover

Tune list

The Spirit of the Border/Harry’s Rant/Rochdale Rushcart/The Girl from the Fen/Shadows/The A1 Jig/Bill Cassie’s Jig/Th’ Hearty Lasses o’Shields/The Hills of Home/Ruth’s Reel/The Candlestick/The Quarrelsome Piper/Thropton races/Five O’Clock in the Morning/The Sweet Maid of Mull/Yvonne Karen Dunn/Miss claire Davidson/The Grand Chain/Oh, I hHae Seen the Roses Blaw/The One after That/Brafferton Village/The Grey Bull Hornpipe/Elspeths Wedding March/Joan’s Tune/The Bantry Bay Hornpipe/Alfie Pigg’s Jig/Cahiramee/Gateshead Flower Show/Charlie Hunter/The Browney Banks/The Five-Year Hornpipe/Natalie’s Fancy/Teviot Brig/Wylam Bridge/The Tea Clipper/James Mann of Westerhope/Against the Grain/Billy Mill Hornpipe/The North Star/Kriden Fair/The Moderation Jig/Maggie Lauder/The Lady’s Well/The Joy of Living/Pipsqueak Polka/Northumberland Lady/Narry the Piper/The Haight-Ashbury Waltz/The Forty-Six Seconder/Swalwell Lasses/Christine Taylor’s Jig/soor plums in Galashiels/The Newcastle Hornpipe/Midnight on the Water/The Pig Ankle Rag/Farewell/Stockholmslaten/Willafjord/Mr. Ross of Denebank/Warkworth Castle/In Dispraise of whiskey/Dr. Macleod of Alnwick/The Trip to Bolingen/Frank Bishop’s Farewell/Opening Time/Sunderland Pier/The Cheviot Hills/The Steam Plow/Harlow Hill Lads/The Piper’s Wife/The Joys of Wedlock/The Little House under the Hill/The Groves Hornpipe/Julie/Scalloway Voe/Andrew’s March/The Cold Nights of Winter/Mrs. Elsie Archbold/Marian’s Reel/The Barrowburn Reel/The Seven Stars/Anne Winstanley’s Lament/The London Pipers/Joe Hutton’s March/The Foxglove Hornpipe/Rusty Gulley/Tombigbee Waltz/Caddam Woods/Drink the Worts and Spill the Beer/The leaving of Harbottle Crags/Bob and Joan/

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