Stefče Stojkovski

Stefče Stojkovski is a Macedonian musician and teacher known for his virtuosic playing of the gajda (Macedonian bagpipe) and kaval (one of the oldest flutes of the Balkans), among other traditional instruments. Born in Skopje, the Macedonian capital, Stefče was brought up in the musical tradition of his country, and encouraged by his father and grandfather, both musicians who played with traditional ensembles.

Stefče is a sought-after performer, both in Macedonia and around the world. In the 1990s he was engaged by the National Orchestra of Macedonian radio and television. Stefče is also a respected teacher of traditional Macedonian music, singing and dancing. He has established his own Ensemble of Folk Instruments and Songs, whose aim is the development of traditional music, publishing music and presentation of the Macedonian national tradition to a wider audience. .

Stefče’s music is characterized by his virtuosic playing and his deep knowledge of traditional Macedonian music. His performances are exciting and educational, giving audiences a window into the rich musical tradition of the Balkans.