Bellingham Show 2019

The Traditional Music Tent, run by Magnetic North East, played host to this year’s Piping Competitions at Bellingham Show. The results and pics from the day:

NOVICE – 1st place – Sophie Fraser ( Rothbury Hills/Hesleyside Reel)

OPEN – 1st place – Andrew Lawrenson (Cuckold Come out the Amery/The Omnibus/ Rowan Tree Hill
2nd place – Sarah Tym (Keening in the Wind (B Pigg)/Shields Fair/Highland Laddie

OPEN HALF-LONGS – 1st place – Iain Gelston (Cotting Burn/Dorrington Lads/Over the Border)

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS – 1st place – Anthony Robb (Inisheer/Nay Good Luck/Glen Aln Hornpipe)
2nd place – Andrew Lawrenson (Rookland Lasses/Keel Row with variations)

DUET PIPES – 1st place – Nick Leeming & Ann Sessoms (Swindon/Herd on the Hill)
2nd place – Anthony Robb & Andrew Lawrenson (Ned of the Hill/Proudlock’s Hornpipe)