NPS Duet Tune Book




Published in 1986, this book contains duet arrangements written, almost entirely by playing pipers. Some, of the tunes are not published anywhere else by the society, This compendium offers players a wide range of duet styles.

36 pages – A5 Landscape – Folded & Stapled – Laminated Cover


Tune list

Lament for Ian Dickson/Parnell’s March/Glen Aln Hornpipe/The Keelman over Land/Old Lancashire Hornpipe/Bonny Woodside/The Breamish/Go to Berwick Johnny/Gypsies’ Lullaby/Sir Sidney Smith’s March/Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite/Cradle Song/Rowan Tree/The Herd on the Hill/Wilson’s Fish/Mrs. Mona Cameron/Wedding Shoes/Miss Thompson’s Hornpipe/The Heroes of Glencoe/Heidenroslein/Starry Night in Shetland/Champion Hornpipe/Wyndburgh Jig/Zadudej Dudacku, Zadudej/Bonny at Morn/Polka/Coquetdale Waltz/Swindon/The Mill, Mill, O/Blowzabella/South Shield Lasses/The Piper in the Well/The Old Drove Road/The Piper’s Wedding/Czech Bagpipe Trio/Londonderry Air/A Little Farm Well Tilled/City of Savannah/Sweet Hesleyside/Golden Wedding/Sting in the tail/The Trip to Solingen/

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