The Northumbrian Piper’s Pocket – Yellow Book




First Published in 1993 by Dragonfly Music and reprinted in 1999 with the assistance of the Northumbrian Pipers’ Society. This series was designed to complement the tunebooks of the NPS and contains tunes from a variety of sources.

56 pages – A5 Landscape – Folded & Stapled – Laminated Cover

Tune list

Duchess of Northumberland/Mrs. Fenwick/Hey! For Newbiggin/Napoleon Crossing the Cheviots/Yeavering Bell/Katie Elliot’s Jig/Molly’s Caulis/The Laird o’ Cockpen/Gilsland Hornpipe/Kielder Scottische/Beggar Boy/Father Fielding’s Favourite/Kettle Drum/Fanny Power/Old Horned Sheep/Boy of Balivanich/Jubileee Hornpipe/The Jubilee Polka/Ulgham Jubilee/O’er the Hills and Far Away/Sandgate Corner/The Clankin’ Rail/Colburn Lane/Happy Hours/The Anniversary Jig/The Lass o’ Coquetside/Bonny tweedside/The Banks of the Tyne/Swans on the Wansbeck/Grimaldi’s Hornpipe(I)/Grimaldi’s Hornpipe(II)/Seven Stars/Bung your eye/No catchee No Havee/Tynemouth Castle/Trip to Tynemouth/The Turnpikeside/Lovat Scouts/Stephenson’s Monument/The Bottle Bank/Leasing Thorne Hornpipe/Stockton Hornpipe/Shincliffe Lasses/Silver Street Lasses/Bigg Market Lasses/Morpeth Lasses/The Randy Wives of Greenlaw/Lads of Whickham/The Rantin’ Lads of Whickham/Merry Lads of Gateshead/The Piper’s Poodle/Peter Bailey’s Pig/XYZ/The Brave Lads of Galawater/Grant Farquarsonof Inveravon/Alston Flower Show/Hornpipe/Gentle Maiden/The Bonnie Blue Hen/Mrs. Elliot’s Reel of Teviot Bank/Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club/Miss Linda Macfarlane/The Wounded Hussar/Nathaniel Gow’s Lament for the Death of his Brother/Morpeth Tower Hornpipe/Gateshead Hornpipe/The Hayhole Docks Hornpipe/Walker Street Reel/The Cairn on the Hill/Bellingham Fair/The Running Fitter/Marsden Rock/The Fiddler’s Cramp/Dundee Hornpipe/The Penicuik Hornpipe/The Newbiggin Hornpipe/Memories of Wallington/Scots come over the Border/The Girl I Left Behind Me/The Lattamoor Hornpipe/The Fiery Clock Fyece/Trip to Killingworth/My Lodging is on the Cold Cold Ground/Stronsay Waltz/Major Russel Cairns/Blagdon Burn/Ravensworth Castle/The Boatman’s Hornpipe/The Quayside Shaver/Skipper’s Wedding/Variation’s on Bellingham Fair/Pete Rowley’s Hornpipe

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