Notes on video submission

Notes and guidance on recording and submitting video entries


  • Video recordings can be made on any device including mobile phones and the quality of the video will not affect your entry. The main thing is to be able to hear the pipes and your music.
  • Video quality at 480p, 720p or 1080p would be ideal but lower resolution can be submitted. 4K ultra high definition is not required and may be difficult to submit due to file sizes! (an MP4 with frame rate of 25fps is considered ideal)
  • It is recommended that you make the recording as close to being ‘there in person with the judge’ as possible. Imagine them sitting in a chair with you and play for them.
  • Introducing your tunes on video before you play is not required but the judge may find it helpful. The start can be trimmed – but your submission should start from before the beginning of the tune.
  • Entries should be submitted as a continuous recording from a single point of view (no cuts, overlays or inserted scenes). Please do not add titles or comments in the main body of the video (start and end titles are allowed but not requested or required).
  • Videos can be taken in either portrait or landscape orientations.
  • Ideally the video should be taken from the position of the audience and show both you and your pipes. Other angles are acceptable as long as the judge can identify who is playing and what they are doing.
  • The video should include the complete set of music up to and including the stopping of the drones at the end. If you retune between tunes, this should be part of the continuous shot.
  • Processing the audio recording for sound quality is permitted but not required. Excessive processing and additional effects are discouraged and may invalidate your entry.
  • If you are entering multiple classes, your entries should be recorded and submitted as separate videos.

There are lots of resources on the internet about how to record videos – considering where you play, your camera location and any lighting can make a significant difference in your video and your self-confidence.

Submitting your entry

  • Videos need to be uploaded here. Submissions of videos via social media platforms (links to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc) can’t be accepted.
  • Most video submissions are expected to be 3 and 6 minutes long; anything in excess of 10 minutes may be declined.
  • Publicly sharing your entry for playing classes before the competition results are announced (17th October) will invalidate your entry – but you are free to to do this once the competition has finished.
  • By submitting your video entry you are agreeing that the Northumbrian Pipers’ Society can
    • store and transfer the complete video for the purposes of the competition
    • edit your video and use elements of your submission in the online adjudication event
    • use elements of your video submission (as part of the compilation) in future publicity
  • Entries submitted to the NPS will all be deleted following the conclusion of the competition.

Adjudication & Results

  • Judging will be based, as far as is possible, on an ‘as live’ view of the music and performance and video quality & recording skills will not be considered.
  • Entrants are strongly encouraged to join the competition event as this is where the results will all be announced.
  • All entrants for playing classes will receive private adjudication notes following the competition via email.
  • Arrangements will be made for certificates and trophies following the online competition event.